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CQ WPX CW 2011


I had saved Friday afternoon for some nice relaxing antenna maintenance time. It is time to replace the K9AY wires. Both loops have suffered a lot of damage from the odd falling branch, and the loops were made from fairly thin 18ga tinned automotive wire, I normally use for other reasons. Time to put up loops made of heavier gauge wire, because the RX antenna is a keeper. The 15m/10m loop also needs some work. It needs to be adjusted for better SWR if kept, but it will more likely be replaced with simple dipoles. Also need to check out some of the support lines, etc., etc. etc.

The wx did not cooperate with this plan. A big thunderstorm moved in, and there was a mini monsoon, the likes of which I’ve not seen very often here in NC. It was more like the spring storms more common on the gulf coast. “Torrential downpour”. “Monsoon”.

Anyway, with half of the XYL’s landscape floating away to the accompaniment of claps of thunder, the antenna plan hit the crapper. The occasional light shower continued through the afternoon, and the wx radar kept me from plugging into the antennas(aka “lightning attractors”) until about 0400Z. It would probably have been OK to operate sooner, but there was no reason to take the risk.

So, Friday resulted in a whopping 13Q’s of disinterested S&P.

Slept late Saturday(see where this is going?). Still not much interest. More half-hearted S&P on a mostly dead 20m band. […]

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Vicarious Dayton Hamvention 2011

***in progress, last update 2011/06/03, 09:00am local***

Just as soon as the pollen clears, it is time for another swat at Dayton Hamvention. Spending time at the house with the pressure washer is a lot less fun than going to Hamvention, but that’s the way it is again in 2011. [Those silly kids of mine BOTH want to go to college – cha-ching!]

No contest University – again. No FDIM visit. No chit-chat with the vendors. But it is possible to tour the 2011 Hamvention after the fact. On a vicarious 2011 Hamvention tour…………….

…and thanks to the astute reporting over at The Fi-Ni Report, we were certain Hamvention was still going to be taking place despite the onset of Zombie Armageddon. So if there HAD been any travel plans, there would have been no need to cancel them to instead hoard the shotgun shells needed for those hard to eradicate zombies that always pop up when the world ends.

New Stuff and various video:

NEW STUFF IS ALWAYS FUN- The Elecraft KX3 video tease! by the QRPARCI group. Actual KX3 data sheet.  Fun facts being teased out on the Elecraft mail list. Actual genuine Elecraft KX3 webpage.  O’course, the ubiquitous yahoo group for the kx3 is formed.

Another KX3 video by WB8CXO

Other takes and other New Stuff#1, LazydogSDR [new to me anyway]. This KE9V photo caught my eye…..A speaker/mike with a display. Really? LOL. Really? Thanks to Jeff for catching that one.

Video of ring-rotor that […]

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Very Cool, Hope it Works

A UK developer has hacked up a $25 computer. I hope its real. If it is, its quite an achievement.

Even if its $25EU……Whats that these days about $40USD?