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Well Done

Well done Katia. I would like to be this good one day myself! Link arrived here via N3ND. Tnx Dan.


2010 Dayton Hamvention Collection

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(This post to be amended as more links turn up, de w4kaz, last update 2010-06-09)

Well, sure, Dayton 2010 was probably very much like 2009, or 1995, or 1970. Â But its more fun to go than to stay home.

But congratulations to my friend Nathan, N4YDU. This year Nate placed 6th the in the annual pile-up competition sponsored by the Kansas City DX Club. (If you want to see what the competition is like, the club has sample audio files posted, as well as a custom logging program provided by VE3NEA.

For those of us unable to experience the  2010 Dayton Hamvention in corpus, here is a round up of the easy to find “stuff”. Send me a link and I’ll add it to the list if it seems suitable.

KC8X “Portrait Gallery”

THE Fi-Ni-Report

WHIOTV Report on Hamvention

Antenna Presentations [via K3LR]

ARRL, N0AX blog


K3PG, K3PG Photos

K8CX “mug-shot” photo gallery , see previous years photos too, plus other stuff

Photos: N2ZN, N3QO, N6PSE, “rbatina”, J Peric, KCDXCLUB, HF Pack QSO Rally, QSY Hamradio, “William”, “Keith”(not this one!)

More Photos: OZ3RIN, “davidjmessing”, N2YTF, “Dave”(Kenwood stuff)

KB6NU, Friday is Forums

KB2BSL [Friday], K2BSL[Saturday], K2BSL[Sunday]

WB8CXO videos, KB3MJ(flea video), N8MDH(TS-590 video), “erayboul”(Elecraft panadapter video), Drake Forum, CubeSat

KE9V, Photos on Flickr

NT7S – FDIM Day 1, NT7S -FDIM Day 2&3

More randomly chosen Youtube video, here, here, here, here

And if you want a professionally done video, perfect for a […]

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2010 CQ WPX CW As NR3X

N4YDU was on the sidelines/out-of-action for the weekend, so I took NR3X out for a spin in the WPX. So for those who would be wondering why NR3X was suddenly a lid, well, there it is. Apologies to all who expected NR3X to be piloted by a good CW op.

Original plans to put in a more serious effort evaporated, so it became a great chance to play SO2R using spots. Logged about 8 hours total Butt-In-Chair time over the entire contest. The shack has a new scavenged computer, so it needed a shakedown anyway. The one item not ready was the Winkeyer2, which showed up in the mailbox only a few hours before ‘showtime’ on Friday. Despite an initial urge to slap the winkeyer together, it remained(s) un-built. Lacking an additional USB to serial interface, it could not have been used anyway. Soon!

The ‘new’ ShackBox CPU has a clean win XP install. On a tip found on the Writelog support forum, the “PortTalk” program was used to circumvent the parallel port issue, but the winkeyer will render that workaround moot. For handling packet cluster and skimmer merges, the wintelnetx program by K1TTT was installed. Wintelnetx is relatively easy to configure after the “route” settings are understood, and K1TTT has sample ini files included which make it easy to get started. This tutorial for TR is helpful.

With wintelnetx configured to pull spots from the normal spot network and from N4ZR’s skimmer node, the band maps are populated in […]

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