Radio W4KAZ

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NT4Q Tower project

Over Memorial day weekend we were able to move Jerry, NT4Q closer to completion. On Saturday, we were able to pull the mast and get the 40 meter rotatable dipole installed on top. We ran into a problem with the guy bracket mounting blocking the installation of the rotor. At that point we secured the mast and called it a day.

2007 CQ WPX CW-No Joy

Well, I missed another good practice session. Tired after hanging off the tower at NT4Q. Just didn’t feel like sorting out the shack.


2007 IARU – W1AW/4 HQ in NC

Wow! This is huge!

It looks like NC operators will be hosting the W1AW HQ operation this year. ARRL has contacted N4AF, and Howie will be hosting a CW multi at his station on 80-40-20-15. SSB stations are still being worked out, as well as the 160 and 10 CW stations.

2007 Field Day prep begun

Preparations under way for this year’s Field Day. I have been granted the special event license N4Q. The team will be N4YDU’s crew, and we hope we have added at least two more operators to the regular recurring group. Maybe three.