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2009 Sweepstakes CW – Goals

A few modest milestones to shoot for this weekend.

  • Improve S&P rate with second radio
  • Improve overall QSO totals
  • Improve overall accuracy

Improving accuracy would be the best improvement. Not enough butt in chair time over the last year for me to expect that to be realized. Conditions sound long already, attack 20m on Sunday. I expect there won’t be much 15m – we’ll see soon enough.

Have a pair of Koss QZ-99 cans. Easily the best sounding and most comfortable set I have tried on in years, I’m really looking forward to using them in the contest.

Been great to see all of the razzle, pep talk and enthusiasm on the club e-mail list. Go mice!

Station Issues:

  • Need to research RFI on N/S 20m dipole.
  • Fix 160 antenna.
  • How does new wire beam on 40m play?(added reflector to E/W dipole)
  • Is it possible to operate while glued to the boob tuube watching LSU-Alabama? Who the hell scheduled this? Aggggh!

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