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2009 August NAQP’s

Tomorrow is NAQP SSB, and I’m going to get a chance to operate as part of the NC4KW multi over at N1LN. Sweet. Except the WX may be terrible. Not so sweet.

Only a partial part-time effort for the CW NAQP two weeks ago. After re-assembling most of the station following its dis-assembly for Field Day and IOTA, the NAQP CW was a bit of a non-event. A low motivation level and family plans also interdicted what is normally a favorite contest. There’s a bit of August thunderstorm induced shyness at work too, but that part bypassed the KazShack QTH his year.

Running was never seriously attempted, and the one short run showed a slow rate. I was happy enough to bail on running – low motivation. On the other hand, two radio Search and Pounce shows a lot of promise, and will be especially fun if propagation conditions improve to the point where there are good solid openings on multiple bands. Even so, the SO2R S&P showed rates that are better than my normal run rates. I easily had a 40 QSO hour, and the 10 minute rate hit 61/hr once, and was in the 50’s several times. Nothing great, but a substaial improvement for emanations of the KazShack. My previous best CW S&P rate with a single radio seldom climbed above the 45/hr 10 minute rate.

Interesting. The conclusion I draw is that SO2R is a genuine advantage, even to a mediocre unmotivated operator. It is easy to see how the genuinely skilled operators can benefit even more from a second radio. Probably helps keep them from dying of boredom too.

It was also a nice changeto catch a few QSO’s on 15m. It would be fun to see 15m become more reliable again, it is a fun band.

The station needs to be examined, because it seems there was a new RFI problem. During NAQP, the internet connection dropped several times. Need to test each radio/antenna/band combination to find the culprit, and hopefully it isn’t everywhere. Also need to check all of the station connections. Something is not right since station re-assembly, as this problem did not occur during CW WPX in May. It seems likely I missed tying in a ground connection somewhere. Also need to check the ethernet hub and shack cables.

On a coincidental note, N4AF was my first QSO, and AA4XX was the last. N4AF founded the NC PVRC chapter, and has been a PVRC member for over 50 years, and AA4XX is our chapter’s newest member, having joined the chapter at the July meeting. No cosmic perturbations have resulted from this mystic alignment – I just love a good coincidence.

Band  QSOs  Mults
80:   37    20
40:   26    21
20:   20    17
15:   17     7
Total:  100    65  Total Score = 6,500

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