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Sweepstakes 2007

Sweepstakes 2007 is right around the corner. The CW portion is from 2100Z, Nov 3 to 0300Z, Nov 5. I have not been operating enough CW to be prepared this year, but there is still some time for me to practice. I’m relegated to S&P on CW, because I’m just not proficient enough to try to run stations. We’ll see.

If anyone is interested,there is now a drop down menu item on the PVRC Home Page which has several interesting links to Sweepstakes advice. These articles are in various formats, and anyone is welcome and encouraged to visit the pages. These are all great reads, with lots of ideas and tips.

Included among them is a link to an N6BV Hamvention presentation in which Dean provides an interesting group of maps and charts relating to Sweepstakes 2005. I think this is great planning information.

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