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Upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin)

My testing sandbox server is running on an ancient Dell Optiplex 280 minitower, which has a P4 processor and 2gb of ram.  Its been chugging along placidly on Ubuntu 10.04LTS.  The 12.04LTS version has been popping up for a bit, and it seemed like it was being reported as a very solid release.

The install running in my VirtualBox partition went smoothly enough, but that was only a leap from 11.x to 12.04.  Upgrading from 10.04 is a couple of levels to jump, so the possibility for problems increases.

So with some amount of trepidation I decided to run the upgrade process on the 10.04 sandbox. If the upgrade should barf completely, its not a tremendous loss.  If it works, the 12.04LTS version is supposed to be good through 2017(if I recall the upgrade notes correctly).

The upgrade seems to have been completely successful, with zero impact on the test bed.  Sweeeeeet….. The 10.04LTS was mostly a plain vanilla install, but its nice that it made the leap with so little intervention.

This upgrade went far more easily than a prior upgrade(from 8.10 to 9.04).  Very happy to see the Ubuntu developers have made the upgrade process so user friendly.

Very.  Nice.  Work.

So now the file server is good to go and can remain stable for the foreseeable future.  Time to get back to hacking up some web apps for graphing the Reverse Beacon network data extracts.

Not so happy with the UNITY desktop, but at least it is easy to revert back to Gnome.  Unity is kinda like the new Windows 8 – ButtHole Ugly.  The very last thing I want is an interface that looks like a tablet.  Bleh.

Never have understood why OS developers seem to think that 30 years of accumulated OS familiarity is so readily cast aside for their own vision of ease-of-use.  Too little customer contact….  Most customers want their interfaces to function the same way they functioned yesterday(providing they actually worked yesterday), and changed only if they were broken.  AKA, “New Coke Syndrome”.

Coke Classic pleeze…..add gold rum and lime….

2 comments to Upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin)

  • Good evening, I “tried” to upgrade to the new OS and my problem was I left the laptop on the desk at home last weekend to do the upgrade….well it seems the CAT walked across the keyboard and somehow at the wrong time hit the wrong key combo and mess up the download. I am going to download the new OS this weekend on my laptop. Good to know you have mentioned it is a good stable upgrade. Oh and nice K2 in your slide show of pics. I have the K3, K2 and just sold KX1….to help out with the funds for the new KX3 that was ordered last month. Great blog.

    • Thanks for the kind comments.

      My own cat attempted to assist with the upgrade, but I was lucky enough to be in the vicinity. I managed to nab her and placate the wee lass with a nice belly scratch and shoulder massage.

      12.04 has been running well for the important apps. I have an add-on file manager app that crashed once for reasons unknown, but the OS seems fine. The Gnome implementation takes a bit of hunting and acclimation…some of the apps seem to have changed locations on the menus. Generally it is just used to host the MySQL database and the testing webserver, and those two were probably well tested before the OS was released.

      Really enjoy my K2, and have used the K3 at N1LN multi-op contests. Very good radios. The KX3 sure looks interesting too. Hope you have fun with that.
      73 de w4kaz

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