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2008 CQWW DX Score

Bruce posted the N1LN score to 3830. It looks like we have a possible fourth place showing. We logged2564 QSO’s, with 131 zone mults and 460 country mults. Total Score = 3,891,144.

It really was a blast. It is gonna take some work, but I think we can move up the food chain a bit. We should be competitive with WR4M.

2 comments to 2008 CQWW DX Score

  • Scot

    Nice work! And congratulations to the team after their hard work building the station then swapping out those K3s.

    Scot, KA3DRR

    P.S. I’m thinking about a Delta loop instead of a beam.

  • Thanks. It was a lot of fun. I can’t wait to be there when the propagation is good. It will be a great place to operate when 15m and 10m open.

    A delta loop is a great choice, if you are able to put up that much wire. It offers several choices, e.g., a 20m loop can be split in the middle to become a crooked 40m dipole.

    Small space antennas are a challenge, but its another aspect of the hobby to explore. Have fun with it.

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