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NT4Q Antennas In The Air

We put the beam up on the tower at NT4Q, Jerry’s QTH this weekend. Its been a project that was long overdue for completion, so I’m glad he’s got things set up and ready to go.

The tower is about 57 feet of Rohn 25, topped with an 18 foot mast holding a 40m dipole and a Mosley CL-36 just above the tower.

The project was interrupted several times due to various misfortunes afflicting the crew, the worst of which was an unrelated knee injury Jerry sustained at his day job. I busted knee is a painful thing. Having missed the best weather of this season(I was sick then), we were lucky enough to catch a couple of decent days late this spring to finish up.

We had good luck on the lift, with the winds being mild. We did a straight lift, dropping and re-attaching the guys. We had good luck with that, and were able to hoist the CL-36 in a few minutes. Getting it clamped to the mast was much more difficult. Murphy struck his final blow when we realized the jumper from the beam to the switch was about 3 feet too short. Whoops…

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