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Shelby 2008

Well, the new site for the Shelby hamfest has possibilities, but it seems many of the normal indoor vendorsabandonedthe fest this year. I don’t know if it was due to limited indoor area, or just a convenient time for them to hit the exits, but that’s how it appeared to me.

The outdoor flea market was still well attended, and that was after a several day period of heavy rains. The rain must have given some folks pause, because the flea was spread out over a lot of area, mostly grassy fields. But I was happy to see so many had come out anyway. Hopefully the larger vendors will come back too – even in a reduced form after a forced relocation, it is still one of the better ham fests locally. It will be nice if it can build back up to its previous level. Perhaps they will better luck with the weather next year.

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