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Summer Review – 2011 RSGB IOTA

YACP – Yet Another Catch-up Post.

This year’s IOTA went well, although conditions were difficult.  The WX was clear, but easily the hottest of the IOTA expeditions so far.  Very uncomfortable setting up.  Very uncomfortable sitting in the shade.  Operated from the same Cape Lookout location at the Cape Lookout Federal Park on the South Core Banks.

Radio conditions were also comparably disappointing. The mid afternoon SSB session was miserably slow.  Conditions generally not as good as 2010 IOTA, and not nearly as good as most of 2011.  US activity seemed down, but that may just be perception based on the slow afternoon on SSB.  Abysmal.

Antenna mast raising shenanigans were also quite educational.  Valuable lessons learned there.   The guy stakes were inadequate for the height and new sets of guys will also be required to move the guy anchors  farther away from the mast base.  Nothing that a bit of up-front preparation work cannot conquer, but difficult to overcome in the field.  So the mast height was reduced from the projected.

The new base plates for implementing the falling-derrick method performed exactly as expected.  The mast raising technique is solid.

This year’s crew was W4KAZ, W0UCE, K2AV, and N3ND.  N4YDU was off in luxury accommodations operating from the family vacation just up the coast from the N4A operation.  Always fun, but missed having ‘YDU on board.  Imagine being wooed by the family into basking in air-conditioned splendor with the occasional dip in the hot-tub optional.   😮

Numbers and score down from 2010, but hoping for the best, and waiting official results.

Plans for 2012 are begun.  I expect the direct hit by hurricane Irene last fall will have changed the sand dune structure enough that we will find some new hurdles to overcome.  The beach was rolled back, so the cabins are now somewhat closer to the ocean(natural for a barrier island), so the sand filled in the small clear area  between dunes that we used for the antenna mast.  I will not at all be surprised to find the area filled with sea oats and mostly too difficult to work in come summer 2012.  A new challenge.

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