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“E’ Says E’s not dead yet!”

Some life in 10m.  Not fabulous for the peanut whistle, but a lot better than recent times.

20m was really pretty good compared to recent excursions into the ether.  At least for the short times operated.  It was pretty cool to hop on 20m, call CQ, and have a 150Q 10 minute rate.  The rate didn’t last for more than 15 minutes, but it was great to have a whack at what can happen when conditions improve.  Too bad it doesn’t happen more often.

10m and 15m had signals, but not a lot of mixed success trying to work them.  For a change, 20m was easier.  The 10m/15m antenna situation may change. It looks like there may be room to pull a dual band dipole up in the current home of he 10m/15m loop.  That should play better since the effective height of the antenna will be significantly higher.

Tried a short run on 40m around 2030Z, which would normally be a bit on the early side for the peanut whistle to work EU on 40m.  Yet I had a nice run of EU stations there, and signal strengths were generally good for that early.  Had to ask for a lot of fills, the QSB was troublesome and I had difficulty pulling calls out of the mini-pileups.   A better op would have been nailing them more easily.

The propagation within the US seemed to be pretty good on all bands.  This sort of improvement will be very welcome for WPX and for FD and IOTA if it continues through the summer.

Class: SOAB LP;  QTH: NC;     Operating Time (hrs): 6.5
 Band  QSOs  Mults
   40:   80    30
   20:  125    38
   15:   19    14
   10:    9     9
Total:  233    91  Total Score = 63,609

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