Radio W4KAZ

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2008 CQ WPX CW

Class: SOAB LP   QTH: NC   Operating Time (hrs): 2
Band  QSOs
160:   0
80:   6
40:  15
20:  20
15:   0
10:   0
Total:  41  Prefixes = 39  Total Score = 5,343

Not much scoring, not many QSO’s, but a nice little shake down cruise for the K2.

I only had a few minutes here and there between the weekend’s real activity, painting the bedroom and playing musical chairs with the furniture. But the K2 is a very good radio for CW S&P operating. I now have heard it myself. The K2 separates signals very well, and when tuning past them, the loud signals really drop out more sharply than with the FT-920.

In the early evening, between 2300Z and 2400Z, the US West Coast was very loud and the Europeans were still workable. I can’t remember the last time that has happened, but I know it has been at least a couple of years. Maybe conditions will be better for the 2009 contest season.

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