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2008 Shelby Hamfest – New Location – Same Dates

The Shelby Hamfest will be moving to a new location for 2008, and will be held on the same Labor Day schedule as it has been in the past. In 2008, it will be at Biggerstaff Park in Dallas, NC(aka Gaston County Park). That is closer to Charlotte, very close to Gastonia. Apparently the Gaston county officials were much more amenable to receiving the sales taxes from our purchases than were the officials in Cleveland county.

Go Figure.

Okay, in fairness to the elected officials, the Cleveland County fairgrounds are actually run by a psuedo government agent known as the Cleveland County Fair Association. I guess the Association’s purpose is to chase tax dollars out of their county, or maybe to give political cover to the county officials. Sounds like the standard mechanism for “blame allocation”. I don’t see how the fest could have COST the fairgrounds any money to host. Perhaps the liability insurance and lawyers-of-ill-repute have struck another blow against freedom. One is forced to wonder “what were these folks thinking?”.

So the Shelby club was faced with a lot of difficult challenges, and they probably have more yet to overcome. Organizing the event into an entirely different site is a big job for a small volunteer group. It is really worth going this year, just to help support the Shelby Hamfest committee. I’m sure the stress brought on by the changes is huge.

The Shelby fest is one of the better events I have attended. They draw vendors from far and wide, and have a good turnout. It is easily the best event of its type in this region.

Support the Shelby ‘Fest. Mark thy calendar!

9 comments to 2008 Shelby Hamfest – New Location – Same Dates

  • Jose Munoz-Caro

    Many hams are waiting for information concerning hotel and RV camping accomodations. Hopefully, the organizers will NOT wait until the last moment to start providing pertinent information. With the change to a new location, accurate and timely information for out-of-state hams, becomes very critical. KP4BM.

  • Agreed. The organizers have a lot of challenges forced upon them by the move. But they will do themselves a favor by addressing their customers’ problems first. Maybe concentrate on the vendors, and have someone at Dayton to work the vendors there.

    Personally, I gotta cut the fest organizers some slack here. Its a daunting challenge.

  • We are working on getting at least 80 new 50 amp hookups at the Dallas Park. There should be plenty of dry camping overflow room. There are nice new hotels within close driving range, alot only 5 to 10 miles. There is a new “Value Place” extended stay that is under construction and I have been promised by the foreman of the construction that it will be open before August. This is one that you can stay a week for about $200 . I am going to build a website with current availability of accomodations at

  • Also folks, We really need to bring a big crowd to Dallas this year. It is imperitive to the county that we have a big turnout and demonstrate the economic boost that Hams bring with them!

  • Earl Hood

    What I don’t understand is that nether the city or the club is going to make the money it made in the past. If the ticket doubled in price, I would pay it. I like knowing the lay of the land. Secondly I as a non ham I never get info mailed to me. Saturday morning a bunch of non hams will be at the gate at Cleveland County Fair Grounds. If the ham fest just can’t be at the old location, mail out to all people! I love the ham fest and want at get a license soon. Don’t kill it by not informing all people of the new location. Those who find out about the new location, move with it and keep it going.

  • Hi Earl.

    I’m sure there will be confusion and hard feelings the first year, but I think the Shelby hams did everything they could to keep their original location.

    I’m not a member of the Shelby group, but I’m sure if you email their hamfest contact, they will add you to their mailing list.

    Hope you get that license soon.


  • Dave RATHKE

    Wife and I went road trip 2 new site last Sun. Great possibilities. Tons of space, lots of grass, lakes, historical mansion, lots of horse stalls that could work into vender shops. Just concerned about camping w/35,000 lb motorhome. Spots seem scaterd and not in any logic order. I belive these guys-gals can put this thing 2gether. Even if we have 2 dry camp there are great paved areas 2 drop anchor. 73 dave ps I will b buying new I746W/goodies at this event

  • Gary

    What size are the tent camping sites and will you be able to park vechical near tent.

  • I have no idea. I live 150 miles away, and I am in no way affiliated with the fest other than as a customer.

    Check for a contact on the hamfest website:

    73 es gl de w4kaz

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