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Field Day 2023 – W4KAZ 1B NC, from Cape Lookout (POTA K-0683)

Crazy weather. CheckUnique Location. Check.Mediocre Antennas. CHECK!No 10m. Check….. 🙁Typical Field Day.   Check.see the select photos…..W4KAZ 1B NC 2023 FD photo slide show

Crazy Weather

The days leading up to field day 2023 were filled with rain and prognostications of more to come. While having doubts there would be any chances at having a good chance of operating with the expected lightning, the reservations for the great location had been laid in and paid for. Tropical conditions could have made the trip dicey, but that junk kept on its westerly track to western Carrib.  All of the NC wx junk was spawned by a low pressure system sitting in TN and throwing moisture at us from FL and the gulf coast.  The “bands” of storms flowing through NC peaked midweek, right through travel to the Island.   bleh. Arriving Thursday the wx relented long enough to move vehicle contents indoors. Bands of rain, batches of sunshine alternated ad. infinitum. Lots of time for relaxation. Friday afternoon brought a longer window of almost 3 hours of clear wx for setting up antennas. Then more lightning and rain.

Unique Location

Cape Lookout national park provided a great spot for running a field day operation. The park is a barrier island on the NC coast. Beautiful in its own deserted island sort of way. The wx improved constantly during the four day stay….with the exception of a squall line that that moved slowly through Saturday evening. Operation […]

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