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Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter THERE – i.e., Social Media Monopolies

Update, 2022/12/08

Ole Elon Musk bought hisself a crime scene when he paid premium money for the Twitter application. Looks like my pessimistic assessment of the evil inherent in social media apps was understated.  A couple of conclusions that fall out of the new info:

1) If Twitter is this bad it is a certain wager that every other social media app is doing the same shit if not worse. Probably worse, especially in case of search engines like google.

2) Records are being destroyed right now at every other social media app.

3) We will find out much of this was directed by the government, factions within government agencies, and/or individual influential political figures.




Original follows:

Fascinating how in only a few years “don’t be evil” mindset morphed into “Embody Evil”, aina?

My original estimation was that social media was a waste of time. Then I thought it might be a viable way to communicate. Now it appears to have evolved into an information cemetery, where good ideas go to be buried, stealthily modified, or more perniciously – forever forgotten. Then you can expect gaslighting as to whether it ever existed.

My own little circle of self flagellation here on the www-interwebzz is where I keep notes on projects. It is easy to search, and provides mechanisms to catalog and gather related items.  When required most of the content edits are dated. All of it for my own uses, […]

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