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When I upgraded the dead computer a couple of years back, I stuffed the current machine(Dell Inspiron 545S w/Pentium Dual-core E5300 @ 2.6ghz) with 8GB of RAM, expecting to do some experimentation with running VMware or some such to tinker with PC based VM’s. Â After looking around a bit, other shiny objects attracted more attention. Â So, being easily distractable…..VM’s slipped down the memory hole.

Fast forward to present. Â Looking over at the Oracle VirtualBox website, a bit of light reading showed that a lot of work has been done on their VM software in the last 18months. Â More robust USB support, and a lot of bug fixes. Â Its free for personal use, so give it a shot.

The VirtualBox software itself installed on Windows 7 Â easily. Â Within a few minutes after that, A VM for an Ubuntu Linux partition was ready for the OS install. Â Virtualbox is able to install an OS from an ISO disk image. Â So after a few minutes waiting for the latest Ubuntu 11.10 version to download, the VM was ready to install. Â It took longer to download the ISO than it took VirtualBox to install the OS(unusually slow day for the internet connection to blame there).

The quick summary is that Ubuntu runs well inside the VM sitting on a Windows7 host. Â I expect that the opposite is likely to be a more desirable arrangement, but living in the real world, there it is. […]

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