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ARRL 160m LCR(2009)

Noticed on Saturday last week that the log check reports for the 2009 ARRL 160m contest had been posted on the ARRL website. How I found them, I’m not sure. The ARRL site has been well shuffled. In my life as a DP professional, it was important to stress the significance such sweeping change would have to the hapless victims – i.e., the poor folks who actually used the program interfaces to get their jobs done.

Its like this – the hapless victims(in this example ME) had a working knowledge of “how it works”. That knowledge was reinforced by 0 to 20(eleven) years of hands on habitual training. Sometimes that is good, sometimes not good. Tossing these years of “habit” is often more or less equivalent to firing the entire staff and starting with fresh high school grads. Sometimes that sort of drastic change was required to achieve the goals. More often it was just done on the whimsy of the dork making the decisions. So – whimsy or requirement? But I digress into grumpy Old Fart-ville….

Yet I am smiling. The LCR, once found, is for me one of the best things about the ARRL contests. It is a blow by blow breakdown of what was screwed up. In this case the 2009 ARRL 160m LCR is better news than most. It’s the best CW LCR I have had – ever. On 201 QSO’s I busted only 2 calls, and had one exchange busted. O’course, it was only 200 […]

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Vicarious Hamvention

Gates open,yet here I sit 500 miles away. Crap.

Looks like the WA5KUB Dayton Hamvention “monkey cam” is up again. Audio too. That should get the boss peeking over the cubical walls.

For the chat window, use the “ignore panel” in the drop down to filter out the folks from the 75m Tuner-Upper net. Better than a notch filter!

Linux Tinkering

The latest version of Ubuntu(v10.4) came up as an option in the updates. Went ahead and let it install and the upgrade was very smooth. One moment of head scratching due to a query window regarding options for the upgrade to the “Grub” boot loader, but everything seems to have worked. The transition was mostly seamless.

The upgrade process did not seem to make any changes to the LAMPP install, which was a good thing. Shoulda backed up the config files in there, but didn’t – so its good that the install went so smoothly.

Been tinkering with bash scripting, which for the most part is easy to pick up. I’m still a Linux mega-noob, but I can see why programmers like it. I wish Linux had been at this level 12 years ago. The folk working on the Ubuntu distro have done a lot of good things to improve the ease of use and ease of install issues – a commendable acheivement. Still having issues with networking to the windows boxes, which is certainly due to the dumb user.[Linux can access the WinXP shares, but not Win7, and no Win flavor can access Linux.]

I can see becoming accustomed to Linux for daily tasks, except for the few pesky windows apps which have no serious alternatives on the Linux platform. Like a fully functioned contest logging program – at least that I have found.

N4AF has been tinkering with the port of TR to windows, TR4W. Not sure that’s […]

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May 2010 – Dayton Or Bust

Well, its a bust for 2010.

Kinda wanted to go, since it would be a 10 year anniversary.   A meaningless thing, but ten is such a pleasing number in base 10 arithmetic. Since I am not going, I’ll just think of it in hex. This is really anniversary number ‘0A’, and there are six more to go before we get to ‘hex10’. That may be about when I get back anyway.

A second personal grievance about missing 2010 is knowing that there will be no meeting with Macho Cuesew and Leche Dinero in person. This is a possible once-in-a-lifetime chance that will slip by. I have it on good authority that Dr. DX will also be at Dayton this year, as well as Bigg Gunn and the entire staff of the Fi-ni-report.

Also gonna miss buying a beer at 10:00am from the high school band booster club. That availability seemed amusing/perplexing to an NC raised companion, but seemed like a breath of fresh air from the ‘good ole days’ for a south Louisiana native. Breakfast of Champions…. ahhh, the good ole days, before political correctness ran amok through the feckless sheep!

Unfortunately it may be hard to even get a vicarious Dayton experience this year. Since circa 2009 current hamblog chic is to belittle the Hamvention recaps posted by bloggers who enjoy their Dayton experiences. A fascinating glimpse into human nature.

Yeah, I can see where it might be repetitious and tedious to some folks.  Sure, you […]

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TurnKey Linux Appliances

This is worth exploring, and here is the direct link. One day….