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Retrograde Browser Progress

A bit of divergence into the realm of Internet browsers.

I have been moving from browser to browser, since the days before the internet and their initial introduction. I have maintained my ground-floor AOL account(1992?) for email continuity, because it has been disseminated so far and wide. But it must be over ten years since I actually used the AOL software, having switched to Netscape very early on. Internet Explorer in its several iterations has never been high on the favored list, except that most e-commerce is geared towards being compatible with it.

[aside: I wonder what a full set of AOL disks would bring at auction on ebay as a curiosity? Enough to cover postage?]

The problem is really the ten year old desktop I normally use for web-surfing. Just too cheap to buy a new computer for checking e-mail and web surfing. But the hardware constraints and limitations have brought some performance issues to the forefront as time has marched on. I suspect the main consideration is the 512MB memory limit. [yes, it IS that old] Obviously, I’m about five years past time to upgrade. Alas – I still see no “need”, even with the price of computers now down to, or below, the price of a nice suit of clothes and a good pair of shoes. Desktops cheaper than iPods!….almost.

Anyway – I used Netscape rather than AOL’s software(go figure!) for several years and then parted ways with Netscape in favor of IE, mostly due to […]

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A New Mode

Now we just need to figure out how to describe this exciting new mode, whereby QSO’s are logged via skip off the ionized ice trail being left by cosmic truck drivers when their jug gets full.

Pee Skip(PS)? Whiz Mode(WM)?

Stratospheric Truckers’ Urine and Funny Flake mode (STUFF)?

Yesterdays Odiferous Luminous Linear Organic Waste Supply Negated Over World (YELLOW SNOW)?

Amended 9/20: Hah! G4ILO nailed it! Sporadic-P!