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Sweeps SSB 2007 – TailZ of wHoa frOm the cHeap seaTz, Low Powa No Towa, and Gorillaz in the Midst

This was a really interesting contest. Propagation was curious in unexpected ways, as it had been for several days leading into the contest. I had set myself a couple of goals, reaching 75,000 points and 600 QSO’s. I was able to meet the first goal, but fell a few shy of the second. But late Sunday I didn’t expect to hit either, until I found a decent frequency. Someone must have spotted me a couple of times, because I closed out with a 44 QSO hour.

Summary: Band QSOs ———— 160: 0 80: 339 40: 198 20: 44 15: 4 10: 0 ———— Total: 585 Sections = 69 Total Score = 80,730

The following feverish rambling is a saga of ‘Low Power No Tower’ contesting.

Tailz of ‘Whoa!’: This SS was yet another case where my ‘best laid plan’ failed in its first contact with the enemy. Adaptability skills were needed right out of the gates. I was hoping to beat the crowd by starting out running on 80 meters. After listening around a bit in the evenings leading into the contest, it seemed like 40m was tending to be really long very early, 20m was dead early, and I was hearing Q5 QSO’s from west of the Mississippi on 80m as early as 7:00pm. So rather than fight it out on 20m with the Գtacked monoband/jigawatt amplifierԠcrowd , I planned to start out on 80m at the beginning of the contest, and save 40m and 20m for […]

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FD Results For N4Q

Its “not a contest”. HA!

Maybe it is not, but the N4Q Krewe managed to rack up a nice QSO total anyway. And thats with one of the best operators, N4YDU, taking several hours off for another item on his schedule.

But our score put us as #1 in Class 2A for the Roanoke Division, and #16 in class 2A for all entries. Thats an improvement on 2006, where as N4PY we ranked #44. It is also a bit better in the #19 ranking in 2005, despite a slightly higher score then.

Time to update the N4Q website! (edit 11/7 – Note the number of participants versus the competition. It is even more of a stark contrast looking at 2A entries overall(#16))

Roanoake Division 2A top 10 # Call Score Cat QSOs Mult Sec Participants Club 1 N4Q 8,054 2A 2,093 2 NC 6 NC Contesters 2 K4MN 7,550 2A 2,293 2 NC 28 Cape Fear ARC 3 W4XD 6,988 2A 1,899 2 VA 90 Massanutten and Valley ARA 4 K4M 6,798 2A 1,824 2 NC 18 CARS 5 W8GK 6,196 2A 1,755 2 WV 32 Kanawha ARC 6 K4OO 5,920 2A 1,614 2 NC 6 7 K4RC 5,408 2A 1,690 2 VA 36 Williamsburg Area ARC 8 W4ANK 5,258 2A 1,143 2 SC 22 Trident ARC 9 W4BFB 5,248 2A 1,512 2 NC 58 Mecklenburg ARS 10 N4AW 5,042 2A 1,244 2 SC 18 Anderson RC

Sweeps CW 2007

This was both my best ever CW Sweeps and best number of CW Q’s in any contest from the home QTH.

A !Big Thanks! to all of the ops who take the time to slow down to match my 20 wpm rate for the exchange. This is a tremendous help, and I really appreciate the extra effort and consideration. (and it seldom happens in any DX contest!.) You guys are great.

It was hard. It was a challenge. I had to force myself. But despite the pain, I did it.

No, not the CW SS contest…..I forced myself to watch the entire LSU-Alabama football game before I operated. I’m just getting too old to be an LSU football fan, all of these last minute wins are gonna kill me yet. But despite the SIXTEEN sloppy LSU penalties, and blowing an initial 17 point lead, the Tigas won. Final: LSU 41, ‘Bama 34. Geaux Tigas!

By contrast CW SS was easy and I didn’t lose anything by missing the first few hours of SS. I can’t keep up with you guys right out of the starting gates!

Once I did finally infiltrate the Continuous Wave, I followed my normal SS CW strategy of sweeping through the bands S&P. I picked a few cherries on 20, then a few more on 40 where I was working the NCCC guys in the mid afternoon(unusual for this station). I spent most of Saturday night on 80 meters.


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MikeRowFones-The Series

I just realized that I had not created a page listing all of the SSB Mythbusters articles. Well, the page is done, and it has earned a spot in the blogroll as a ‘best of’ entry.

MyCrowFones- Infiltrating the Continuous Wave

MyCrowFone – Infiltrating the Continuous Wave – SSB Myth Busters Chapter 4 (a call to arms for PVRC Phone operators to stretch their wings for 2007 ARRL CW Sweeps)

Tempus Fugit! Okay. Last year at this time, I went on at length at how the CW operators should not rest on their laurels, but should take the plunge and try to find their MyCrowFones for the second half of ARRL Sweepstakes.

But this year, it is a more difficult task – convincing the Foney operator that he too can earn additional points by modulating the Continuous Wave in the first half of the ARRL Sweepstakes. Yes, I know the mere suggestion will have the elite CW ops cringing, but I am living proof that even mere lids such as myself can in fact substantially bolster their overall Sweepstakes score by infiltrating the CW portion of ARRL Sweepstakes.

ԅgadsԬ I imagine you thinking, Գurely this W4KAZ lid is daft?Ԡ


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