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N4A Antenna Support Hardware

I added more N4A photos to the N4A website. The last few frames at the bottom of the N4A photos page show some close ups of the gear we used on the beach for the Iota expedition.

I was a bit surprised at just how well the 21 inch stakes worked as guy anchors. They really held firm. These stakes were cut from 42 inch”deck balusters” I got from the local big box for about 75 cents each. They are just pressure treated 2×2 material. I cut each baluster in half, so two vampire killers are obtained per baluster. I expected to need to back these up with additional stakes, but they held the 36 foot mast with just dipoles very well. It took only one stake to hold each guy. The second surprise was how easily they came out when pulled straight up rather than at the 120 degree guy angle.


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No August NAQPs–Again

Once again, I missed both August NAQP’s by picking the hottest week of the hottest month to spend in the hottest, most humid place in the US east of the Mississippi. I did manage to get some fishing in with a buddy.

My fishing pal kept all of the catch.


New Theme-more updates

Here’s a new look for the site. I like the relatively plain “Joe Friday” feel. The sidebar was easy to customize too. The obligatory credits for the original WP theme author are at the bottom of the page. Credit for the banner photo is to N4YDU, a sunrise shot he took from the N4A Iota expedition.

2007 Iota as N4A from Cape Lookout

As always, working N4A with N4YDU was a lot of fun. On arrival at the docks, we were both very eager to get going, and got a little impatient waiting for the boat across to the island. The wait was somewhat broken up by the boat pilot’s dog, who seemed to be torn between playing ball with N4YDU and jumping in the water to cool off.

Arriving at the cabin by about 2:00pm local, the WX was very hot and humid, with only a light breeze and crystal clear blue skies. We first set up the generator and climate control, then spent a couple of hours putting up antennas.


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