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2006 CQ160 Meter

Summary: Total: QSOs = 100 State/Prov = 35 Countries = 0 Total Score = 8,050

Very quiet low QRN conditions here. Got my three hours in during the early evening hours, so all QSO’s are W or VE, no DX worked. Heard several DX, but they could not hear my tin whistle over the pile-ups.

It will be interesting to see the logs turned in for this one. This seemed to be the best conditions I have heard on 160 for low noise.

2007 January NAQP SSB

Summary: Band QSOs Mults ——————- 160: 37 22 80: 253 41 40: 121 34 20: 31 17 15: 12 8 10: 1 1 ——————- Total: 455 123 Total Score = 55,965

What follows are the gratuitous and extraneous ravings of an NAQP and contesting novitiate:

This NAQP turned out to be another 80 meter contest for me, although it didn’t start out that way. I wasn’t making any headway on 20 meters, so I ditched the high bands for a try at a run on 40 meters. That worked well as long as it lasted, but I needed to ditch my run in favor of a couple of household errands and a turn at burning various meats over an open flame, accompanied by a small glass of fermented hops-laden adult beverage. (Sam Adams Black Lager- very good stuff.)


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