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2006 ARRL Sweepstakes SSB

Summary: Band QSOs ———— 160: 0 80: 206 40: 221 20: 41 15: 40 10: 0 ———— Total: 508 Sections = 72 Total Score = 73,152

Woo-boy. Now I KNOW why CW remains popular. Can somebody please turn the sunspots back on?

This contest was the second half of PVRC’s big 2006 push to take back the gavel for the club. There was a lot of good chatter prior to the contest to help motivate club members. Then there was also the infamous ‘MyCrowFone’ series of articles–Butt in Chair, Butt In Chair, Butt In Chair!….ahem.


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2006 ARRL Sweepstakes-CW

Summary: Band QSOs ———— 160: 0 80: 131 40: 84 20: 52 15: 18 10: ———— Total: 285 Sections = 71 Total Score = 40,470

This was the first half of the Big Push-the effort by PVRC to re-gain the Sweepstakes gavel from NCCC and any other challengers. There was a high level of excitement within the local chapter and the club at-large going into the contest season this year. I’m happy with my effort, as it is a nice improvement over the prior year’s CW effort.

Conditions were not too bad for a low power S&P outing. I know its not as productive in QSO’s as running, but I’m not a good enough a CW op to jump into that fire yet. Besides, S&P without packet spots is a box of chocolates.


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