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MikeRowFones-The Series

I just realized that I had not created a page listing all of the SSB Mythbusters articles. Well, the page is done, and it has earned a spot in the blogroll as a ‘best of’ entry.

MyCrowFones- Infiltrating the Continuous Wave

MyCrowFone – Infiltrating the Continuous Wave – SSB Myth Busters Chapter 4 (a call to arms for PVRC Phone operators to stretch their wings for 2007 ARRL CW Sweeps)

Tempus Fugit! Okay. Last year at this time, I went on at length at how the CW operators should not rest on their laurels, but should take the plunge and try to find their MyCrowFones for the second half of ARRL Sweepstakes.

But this year, it is a more difficult task – convincing the Foney operator that he too can earn additional points by modulating the Continuous Wave in the first half of the ARRL Sweepstakes. Yes, I know the mere suggestion will have the elite CW ops cringing, but I am living proof that even mere lids such as myself can in fact substantially bolster their overall Sweepstakes score by infiltrating the CW portion of ARRL Sweepstakes.

?gads? I imagine you thinking, ?urely this W4KAZ lid is daft?? Continue reading MyCrowFones- Infiltrating the Continuous Wave