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Multi-Single Top Ten

Well, its not especially impressive, but the ARRL DX SSB multi-single at NT4D made it into the top ten box for US multi singles. Since we didn’t really put in an exceptional effort, this is pretty good. We are agreed that we probably could have easily done better, but we took a less serious approach to the contest intending to have fun and learn few things. Conditions on Saturday morning discouraged me from running on 15 or 20 meters, as I was not serious enough to want to dig into the QRN for the weak ones. Jay feels like he could easily have done better on 40 and 80 meters. Once we get Jerry comfortable with running stations, I think we’ll be in good shape.

Anyway, its nice to be in the results box, even if its at the bottom.

QSO’s vs Sunspots

edited 10/02/2007, kaz

A couple of things made me curious enough to wonder what a plot of 10 meter QSO’s versus sunspot numbers would look like. So I gathered QSO data from W3LPL’s ARRL DX contests as posted to the 3830 reflector. Frank posted the QSO breakdown by band, which is what I wanted. The result is no surprise, but I found it interesting anyway. The results may appear in some future edition of the PVRC newsletter.

I have also put the article up as a static page on my website. This has the original article with a bit of supplemental information.


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