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2006 ARRL 160

Summary: Total: QSOs = 199 Sections = 42 Countries = 4 Total Score = 18,860

Only my second foray onto 160. It could be that I’m going to get hooked.

No great rate, no cause for panic amoungst the Big Dawgs, but great fun. I really only got on to experiment on 160 and have a little fun while practicing my CW. I really enjoyed finding and working stations every 300 to 400 hz or so. S&P was a lot of fun that way. My ability to copy CW was not nearly so taxed as during Sweeps, but I still need a lot of work. I spent a lot of time ‘reading the mail’ on run stations on both nights, both to get an idea how well I could hear and as practice copying folks calling into the run.


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