Radio W4KAZ

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Kent, K9EZ, is a local engineer working in the broadcast industry. He recently got to tour the facilities of MW broadcast station WYFR. Or more enticingly, 100KW WYFR, and their field of log periodics and rhombics.

Better yet, he got photos!

One Hundred Kilo Watts. It has a certain ring to it. Kent also included a link to an online ERP calculator (The calculator site also has a slew of other useful calculator links).

I have never toured a broadcast facility in person. It must be pretty cool in person.

LSU Football – #5

Easy come, easy go. The loss to Kentucky was really tough, but Kentucky just played a better game, made fewer mistakes, and lasted longer. I expect those guys have a good shot at winning their division. Our guys were just not playing as well as the needed to to beat an underrated Kentucky team.

Good luck against Florida. 😮

We’ve still got a few more grudge matches ahead, with Auburn, Alabama, and Arkansas yet to be met. Ick. The parity in college football has made the game much more interesting. Its far more interesting than professional ball post free agency.

After-market Car Audio–Cool Site

I just stumbled upon the Install Dr., a site that documents many of the auto makers pin diagrams, as well as lots of other helpful information for someone looking to install a sound system into a vehicle. I just thought I’d document it here for posterity(and my own future reference!)