NR3X – NC Contesters

Welcome to the NR3X site for its IOTA expeditions as N4A. The rotating(on refresh) heading photos are pulled from expeditions over the past few years. Enjoy, and thanks for the QSO's!

N4A 2009 NA Expedition Plaque Winner

The NR3X team for the 2009 Cape Lookout Expedition won the 1st place plague in the RSGB IOTA contest as part of the island activation.  Congratulations to the individual 2009 team members(W0UCE, N3ND, N4YDU,W4KAZ) and many thanks to the RSGB contest sponsors and ICOM UK for sponsoring the plaque.  It is BEAUTIFUL….

NA Expedition 1st Place Plaque, 2009 IOTA