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Welcome to the NR3X site for its IOTA expeditions as N4A. The rotating(on refresh) heading photos are pulled from expeditions over the past few years. Enjoy, and thanks for the QSO's!

2008 Cape Lookout Expedition: July 25-28th

N4A 2008 Extended Soapbox  
2008 N4A Photographs
Updated August 1st 2008

The 2008 N4A operation was a huge success. We were able to improve upon 2007’s results, and learned quite a bit in the course of the operation.  he weather was far better this year, which was also a big boost for the operators stamina. The temperatures during station set up on Friday afternoon were mild by North Carolina standards for July. The lower humidity levels made the sea breeze pleasant. K4CZ joined the expedition this year, and the extra set of hands made the work much easier.

The accomodations are somewhat spartan, but much better than merely camping in the sand. We rented a small cabin from the National Park Service. The cabins there are equipped to be powered by generator, as there is no elecricity service to the island. The cabin luxuries include both running water and a gas stove and water heater, so hot showers were available […]