NR3X – NC Contesters

Welcome to the NR3X site for its IOTA expeditions as N4A. The rotating(on refresh) heading photos are pulled from expeditions over the past few years. Enjoy, and thanks for the QSO's!


Cape Lookout is one of the barrier islands making up the South Core Banks in North Carolina.  The island is accessible only by boat, and their are no paved roads on the island.  The Cape Lookout lighthouse is at the southern tip of ‘Great Island’, and all of Cape Lookout is part of the US federal park system.

Ferries serve Cape Lookout from Davis, Harkers Island, or Beaufort.  The Davis ferry services the area of the island with cabin facilities, while the Harkers Island and Beaufort areas serve the lighthouse area directly.

The NC Contesters Club, NR3X, has for the last three years activated the Cape Lookout Island for amateur radio during the last weekend in July.  We intend to continue the island activations, though they may or may not operate as N4A,  depending upon the availability of the callsign.