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2008  Field Day: June 28-29: 

NC Contesters Group, NR3X

Over the last several years the NR3X group has been building a core Field Day group. Our intentions are to operate Field Day as a serious but fun effort, as we see no reason that the two goals should be mutually exclusive. We are dedicated to maximizing scores/QSO totals within the limitations presented by the chosen site of operations. Our choice of entry class is dictated by the number of available operators participating, as well as constraints imposed by the site. Most of our operators enjoy CW operating, but we also operate SSB as the spirit moves us. Operating mode is at the discretion of the individual operator.

In 2007, W4KAZ and N4YDU also operated in the RSGB IOTA contest from the South Core Banks islands as a low powered expedition, using the special event call N4A.

For the year 2008, operations will be at Royal Elementary school in Franklin County, North Carolina. This site is new to the NR3X group, but is near the Youngsville Elementary site that was used by the NR3X group in 2005 and 2003. (Click here for photos of the Royal site)

NR3X  -  2008 Krewe of Operators(i.e., "definite maybe's")

  •   N4YDU, Nate
  •   N4PY, Carl
  •   W4KAZ, Keith
  •   K4CZ, Barry
  •   W4MY, Marty
  •   N4GU, Mike - (possible)
  •   KA1ARB, Rob - (possible set up assistance)

Recent NR3X NC Contesters Multi-Op Score History
  2008 FD as ??as N4PY??  class ??2A??  NC   ???? Q's   ???? pts.
  2007 IOTA as   N4A  LP XPDTN  NA-067   577 Q's   380,688 pts.
  2007 FD as   N4Q  class 2A  NC   2,093 Q's   8,054 pts.
  2006 FD as N4PY  class 2A  NC   1,506 Q's   6,486 pts.
  2005 FD as N4PY  class 2A  NC   2,380 Q's   8,364 pts.

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